Your business has a personality

Your business has a personality

I love personality tests! Any clues about how the complexities of the mind and personality work is an advantage. I enjoy getting my friends, employees, and colleagues to take personality tests, then talk about what we think the results mean and how they present in our lives.

Even more than the tests, I love reading well-written personality STORIES. The stories at are among my favorites.

My love of personality “keys” is an inspiration for Phrase Strategy’s strategic Essential Story process, creating clarity and flow between people and among groups. My love of great personality stories is the inspiration for the key deliverable of that process, the Corporate Phrasebook™.

Imagine being able to hand someone the personality of your business in an easily consumable form. Imagine the power of that context for a new employee, a marketing team, a designer, a prospective partner, a recruiter, a content writer…

A business’s success depends on its interactions with a wide variety of individuals and entities. Give them the user manual for your brand how it ticks! Give them a Corporate Phrasebook™ – chat with us about your business or brand.

“Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald