Established organizations experiencing change and transition turn to us to crystallize their strategies.

We walk ahead, beside, and behind our clients on the journey of discovering their Essential Stories. Then we help them articulate and live those stories in practical ways. With Phrase Strategy onside, an organization, brand, and leadership team can move forward with confidence, clarity, and purpose.

Our clients call it magic, but the truth is more grounded. We get the results we do because we press into the things we’re best at:


We’ve honed our process over more than 15 years. As with any high-performing methodology, it works every time because it can bend without being compromised.


Our cross-sector experience includes high-tech, professional services, manufacturing, consulting, healthcare, construction, project management, communications, not-for-profit, member organizations, and others.


A fun thing about having a process is testing its resilience. We won’t compromise any aspect of our Essential Story Process, but we get excited about shaping it to suit each client’s unique situation.



Multiple target audiences, varied stakeholders, elaborate market dynamics, complicated product, or service offerings? Bring it on! The more complex the environment, the more powerful our results.

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