Phrase Strategy Inc. is a strategic communications consultancy that works with established organizations experiencing change and transition.

Our clients share two things in common: they are experiencing change and transition, and they’re stuck. We help them unlock the first gateway to progress: an Essential Story.

By discovering, aligning, and perfectly articulating the essence of who they are and why and how they do it, we empower our clients to move forward with confidence, clarity, and purpose.

Firstwe align
the organization’s strategy.
Thenwe articulate
the brand’s essence.
Nextwe work with teams to
operationalize the mission.
Ongoingwe help steward
the brand.


Our Essential Story Process gets stakeholders on the same page by aligning internal intentions with perceptions, market dynamics, and operational execution.

It’s an evidence-based process proven over more than 15 years across a broad range of organization types and sectors. The more complex the business dynamics, the more powerful the results.


Our clients often call it magic. To us, it’s the innate power of the perfect words. We find those words and articulate an organization’s Essential Story, then deliver it in a beautifully designed Phrasebook™.

Empowered with crystal-clear, fully aligned vision, mission, value, and differentiation, our clients begin to confidently walk the talk.


An Essential Story is meant to help get the right things done in the right ways. We work closely with leadership teams and entire organizations to operationalize theirs.

Through dynamic, productive working sessions, we guide teams to align their strategic plans, activities, operating procedures, product, or service lines with their missions.


An organization’s leaders are linchpins for actualizing vision, mission, values, and differentiation.

Through advising, mentoring, and coaching, we support leaders to become powerful brand champions, and organizations to stay aligned.

Let our clients tell you about the impact of our work.