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Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

For established organizations experiencing change and transition, our Brand Strategy service helps clients move forward with confidence, clarity, and vision.

Proven Results

Our service gets stakeholders on the same page about positioning, branding, and direction. Aligns the brand with the vision and the target audience(s). Lights the path forward for effective competitive positioning and differentiation. And, it builds the platform to support branding, communications, marketing, and sales.

Clients of our strategic service commonly report these results:

Renewed confidence, clarity, and pride in their direction, positioning, and identity.

Getting unstuck and the ability to proceed with updates, change, transition, and new ideas.

Greater engagement, better conversations with target audiences, and better leads.

Who We Help

We’re a great choice for enterprises, businesses, and associations experiencing these challenges:

Strategic change
(e.g. changing competitive landscape, succession/sale, shifting customer needs, business model transformation).

A desire to up-level, transform, pivot, grow, and take advantage of new opportunities.

Discrepancy between the existing brand (website, messages, visual identity) and the organization’s current reality.

A need for focus in direction (product/service offerings, target audiences, marketing channels, etc.)

It Starts With an Essential Story

Step One is our unique Essential Story Process, honed over more than 15 years and proven across many organizations, enterprises, and associations. It includes:



A comprehensive profile of the organization’s value, differentiation, and voice that homes in on gaps in positioning and communications, discovers opportunities, and reveals what needs to be validated.



Critical primary research to gather evidence, validate and refine core messages, and tighten product or service presentation. We get clarity on new ideas and home in on the root of challenges.



A beautiful, branded Corporate Phrasebook™ captures the Essential Story in key messages, differentiation, value statements, and brand voice. A go-forward plan provides clear steps to roll-out the changes.

Even after ten years established in our business, Studio 91 found the experience with Phrase Strategy to be transformative. Nothing was “broken”, we simply sought to refresh and update our brand. Yet, the Essential Story process and subsequent guidance in rolling that story out into brand assets has unexpectedly aligned every aspect of how we do business. We are experiencing a new level of clarity and confidence that results in overall better success with every business engagement.”

— Todd Coopee, Founder & CEO, Studio 91