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Essential Story

For Business

Find the perfect words for your business.

We work with organizations to craft powerful core messages, differentiation, and value statements: the Essential Story that connects with customers, employees, partners, and industry.

Process Makes Perfect

The Essential Story process unfolds like this:


the business’ value, differentiation, and voice — and how well that aligns
with its leaders’ intentions and its target customers’ desires.


core messages, product/service packaging, ideas, and perceived brand
and communication issues.


the Essential Story to align the business with its leaders and its target
audiences — packaged in a Corporate Phrasebook.


the business’ voice with coaching, design, content, and strategy.

What We Deliver

The Essential Story culminates in a Corporate Phrasebook — a beautifully designed
booklet that captures the voice of the business: key messages, core values,
differentiation, tone, style, and brand promise.

Learn how businesses have benefited from the Essential Story Service by
reading their stories in our Portfolio.

Mobilization Support

We can also provide mobilization support to ensure consistent, effective rollout of the Essential Story in these ways:


providing the roadmap for effective rollout/launch of the
Essential Story throughout the organization.


to refresh or re-imagine the visual identity to align fully with the
Essential Story.


to support leaders and their teams with consistent and effective
roll-out of the Essential Story platform.


website and other marketing content consistently delivers the
Essential Story and aligns with the Corporate Phrasebook.

Define what your brand stands for, its core values and tone of voice, and then communicate consistently in those terms.”

— Simon Mainwaring