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Essential Story

Essential Story

Phrase Strategy works with leaders to uncover and express the voice of their businesses. Essential Story is for leaders, owners, and entrepreneurs to achieve authentic messaging for their businesses.

A proven process

First, we gather the perspectives that reveal how the business voice is currently received by others. Then we work with leaders to align that voice with their intentions and create the blueprint for all the business’s communication.

Discover your business’ voice

A business really flows when a brand’s voice is aligned with its leadership. Yet often, it feels like our businesses have become strange to us. You may recognize some of these experiences:

  • No matter how often you communicate the business’s vision, people still don’t get it
  • Your business doesn’t seem able to really connect with the customers it desires most
  • Every proposal presents a different message about the business and feels like torture to write
  • The business is always playing catch-up with competitors even though its offering is superior
  • You do everything the marketing experts recommend but don’t see results
  • Your team wastes energy courting unsuitable prospects and servicing difficult customers – only you seem to be able to attract and close the right customers

Phrase Strategy helps leaders express authentic messaging needed for an organization to move forward in alignment with its leadership.

Especially for leaders

Phrase Strategy will uncover and articulate the authentic voice of your organization. By the end of our engagement, you will:

  • Feel confident about where your business’s true differentiation lies
  • Have the language and tools to ensure that your story is honoured in internal and external corporate communication
  • Likely experience a shift in your organization’s engagement with your brand
  • Begin to attract more of the customers, partners, and members that you desire most, and fewer of those who are not a good fit
  • Have a Corporate Phrasebook – a blueprint for communication that will inspire others and consistently convey the Essential Story

You’ll have access to our writing and communications support, too, whether through training, coaching, or professional writing services.

Experience alignment

By gathering and listening to the voices that define a business, we home in on its essential story then show its leaders how to communicate in alignment with the business.

We are:

  • Experienced, with nearly 20 years’ practice in working with leaders and businesses to understand, define, and communicate their essence
  • Entrepreneurial, combining creativity, innovation, and discipline
  • Experienced working with executives and leadership teams to tell their stories
  • Exceptional writers and editors with a passion for sharing our knowledge
The one thing you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision.”

— Neil Gaiman