You aren’t your business: divide to conquer

You aren’t your business: divide to conquer

One of the most powerful things a business owner can do is separate one’s businesses from their personal identity. Any entrepreneur knows how difficult that is, given the time, energy, emotion and other resources that owning and running a business demands of us.

These are five common signs that you’re so entangled with your business that you aren’t seeing clearly:

  • Your current brand and/or website doesn’t reflect what you do anymore, but it seems overwhelming to update it
  • The new website has been “on hold” for a while because it never seems right—or you have updated it but can’t make everything fit
  • You’ve worked with one or more great writers or designers but are never completely satisfied with what they produce
  • You’ve been doing several things to promote the business but aren’t seeing ROI
  • Every proposal you write presents a different message about the business and feels like torture to write

The entanglement challenge

When a business is new, it may be a near representation of its owner(s). Over time, it evolves and grows and so do we as individuals.

It’s impossible that a business can both grow and remain equal to its owner.

That’s when things get exciting … provided you’ve got a clear view of what the business is, and what it’s becoming. I call this the voice of the business.

You may feel you ought to have a firm grip on the voice of your business. You may be an excellent writer, designer, salesperson, or presenter. Maybe you’re awesome at the pitch, great at creating engaging copy, able to close deals. Yet, especially when a business reaches a transition point, it’s common to find disconnection between the owner and the business; or between the business and its target customer; or between the brand and reality.

Articulating the voice of a business

A business’ voice should be unique from (and aligned with) its ownership. What does that mean? It means standing far enough apart from the business that it can show you what it is and what it wants to be. It means seeing the business in the context of an ecosystem separate from you (a system of customers, partners, stakeholders, and industry).

Recognizing your businesses as a separate entity empowers both you and it. You can engage with a business that has a voice. You can “talk” to it, listen to it, hear what it needs and wants. You can respect it while taking control of it and making tough decisions. And, you’ll discover things about the business that would otherwise remain unknown.

Clarity about the voice of your business FREES you to do what’s best for both you and the business.

Divide to conquer

I work with business owners to discover and tell the Essential Story of their businesses. Without exception, they find it enlightening, freeing, and empowering. It provides the confidence, clarity, and objectivity to move the business forward. It’s the first step in getting the whole system clicking.

To conquer your business goals, you need to separate your business’ identity from your own. Having an unbiased, experienced expert onside is the fastest way to do that.

Please talk to me about articulating your business’s Essential Story. The first conversation is always free!

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