Our brand is an expression of our Essential Story.

The name, Phrase Strategy, encapsulates our belief in the power of words to align leadership teams and organizations. We know that the perfect articulation of a brand or organization’s identity opens the gate to a super-highway of progress and actualization.

Our visual identity encapsulates this truth, too:

OUR TEAL COLOUR combines the tranquil stability of blue with the optimistic renewal of green. Just like our work, it revitalizes, rejuvenates, and signals open communication and clarity of thought.

THE LIGATURE in our logo represents elegance and connection—hallmarks of our work. An Essential Story aligns many perspectives and simplifies complex situations.

OUR VISUAL IDENTITY favours bold, optimistic, evocative images that convey the beauty achieved through the alignment and repetition of core concepts.

We invite you to take a look at our own Phrasebook™.