Your proposals suck

Your proposals suck

Do you love your company’s proposals and RFP responses? If you do, that’s awesome! Read no further. But read on if one or more of these things characterize your experience:

  • Every proposal seems like torture to write
  • Every proposal presents a different-sounding company than the others
  • Or, they’re generic – you could switch out your company’s name with another’s and it wouldn’t make a difference
  • When you read the proposals your sales team generates, you wonder what company they’re working for
  • Your proposals focus on guessing what the competition will present and responding based on that
  • You feel uninspired preparing and presenting them

Here’s what I think about proposals: they should feel exciting to create. They should all sound like they’re coming from the same company – a company that’s confident about its Essential Story and excited to share that story with a customer it knows it can help.

Period, end of story.

If you don’t feel that way about your company’s proposals, then I’d like to show you how they can be better. Talk to me!