When your brand is a best-kept secret

When your brand is a best-kept secret

“Best-kept secret” might be the ultimate back-handed compliment for your business, product, or service. If there’s a great brand but nobody knows about it, does it really exist?

You have an awesome product that only a handful of people know about. You’re the most innovative company in a market space that hasn’t put you on its map. You get results for clients that they didn’t dream were possible but your competitors still get most of the pie. What’s going on here?

One or more of these things could be at play:

  • Happy customers aren’t telling others about your brand
  • Reporters, analysts, and other influencers don’t give your company attention
  • Competitors make more noise / you’re under-funded compared to the competition
  • You have trouble attracting the best people to your team
  • The customers you have aren’t the ones you need to really scale
  • You’re staying under the radar because you don’t feel quite ready yet

Whatever the reason, the first step to addressing the cause of “best-kept-secret” syndrome is VOICE – specifically, having a strong one. The voice of the brand must be clear, consistent, and confident; and, the chosen messages must have the right impact on the right audiences.

Influence begins with having a powerful voice.

The process of getting to that point is one of the best investments in the future success of a business, product, service, or brand. Read about our process and then, if your brand is a best-kept-secret but you don’t want to be, please contact me to talk about it.