Client Story: Writers Collective of Canada

Client Story: Writers Collective of Canada

“Beyond the immediate rebranding project, working with Maria Ford at Phrase Strategy made us a better leadership team. She got the best out of us.”

~ Richard Mozer, Chair, Writers Collective of Canada

“Phrase Strategy proposed an ambitious plan for the WCC’s (formerly TWC) rebrand and website and delivered beyond our expectations. Maria Ford was a guiding light throughout the process, refining and amplifying our story with clarity and purpose, ensuring we reach a diverse audience. The process helped us discover what was essential to create strong, effective messaging to clearly express our vision. Our new website and rebrand illuminates our vision, clarifies our core mission, and has created a renewed sense of purpose as we expand throughout Canada and head into the future.”

~ Susan Turk Mozer, Founder, Writers Collective of Canada

Writers Collective of Canada (WCC) is a charitable organization that inspires exploratory writing in community to empower every voice, celebrate every story, and change the world. The organization’s work targets traditionally underserved populations and unheard individuals nationwide.

Founded in 2012 as Toronto Writers Collective (TWC), the organization experienced rapid expansion in 2020 due to forced virtualization during the COVID-19 pandemic. This accelerated a longer-term intention to expand and rebrand. Phrase Strategy was retained to guide the organization through the Essential Story process and re-branding.

We then oversaw the rollout of the new brand, including working with our trusted team on visual identity design; providing a website strategy and content; and, coordinating the organization’s own digital media and web development resources for a smooth launch. The brand includes English and French logos, with a French website planned for the near future.

Through the Essential Story and re-branding process, WCC’s stakeholders came together and found confidence in its path forward as an organization with national reach and beyond. WCC is empowered with Phrase Strategy’s signature Phrasebook, which captures the Essential Story and organization voice in a beautifully designed booklet for all stakeholders to embrace.