Client Story: Third Law

Client Story: Third Law

“Phrase Strategy helped us clarify our value to customers and crystallize our differentiation in the marketplace. The Essential Validation process gave us a mirror to see precisely where we fit and what we needed to do to convey that and more effectively pursue new business. This was invaluable to us in repositioning and communicating our value and will ultimately help us meet our business goals.”

~ Nancy Young, Co-Founder, Third Law

Third Law works with new and established technology companies in the automotive market to help them properly position their products, build credibility, and create traction with auto manufacturers. The firm was preparing to launch a new brand and website yet sensed something wasn’t quite right. While their niche expertise is extremely valuable to their target market, their brand foundation, positioning, and communication did not convey that.

Third Law chose Phrase Strategy to conduct the Validation portion of our Essential Story service, including a VIP half-day session, review of existing and new messaging, and high-yield interviews with Third Law clients. We evaluated the new brand and draft messaging against our findings and identified what was “off”.

Phrase Strategy’s work narrowed in on Third Law’s messaging to keenly highlight one of their differentiators. We helped the firm see the customer’s perspective, allowing them to understand their true value in the marketplace. Our recommendations helped Third Law refine their offerings and messaging, and gave the founders a renewed sense of confidence and purpose to move forward with a new brand and website.

Third Law also sought our input on quantifying their value so we wrote several customer case studies and testimonials to feature on their new website. Each case study is crafted to reinforce and demonstrate the firm’s value.