Quality Time With Your Brand: Video Series

Quality Time With Your Brand: Video Series

The pandemic isolation period inspired our “Quality Time With Your Brand” video series — but you can do this any time of year.

This series of very short videos walk you through five exercises to get to know your brand more deeply, to check in on its alignment, and make new discoveries.

You can save the playlist on YouTube, or access the five videos below:

Exercise 1: Vision

First, you’ll spend time with your brand’s vision. You may think you’re an expert in this topic, but there’s a twist…

Exercise 2: Promise

In this assignment, you examine at the TWO TYPES of promise your brand is making–whether you realize it or not.

Exercise 3: Offer

Next, it’s time to take a look at your brand’s offerings, and in this video, Maria gives you seven questions to probe how you’re doing on that front.

Exercise 4: Stewardship

How well do you steward your brand? (Do you even know what brand stewardship is?) This assignment will help you evaluate where your brand stewardship is at.

Exercise 5: Red Flags

Now that you’ve taken a deep-dive into various elements of your brand, it’s time to step back and look for clues that your brand may be misaligned and in need of updating, revisiting, or evolution.