Client Story: KDM Analytics

Client Story: KDM Analytics

“Maria Ford did what no one – and none of us – had ever been able to do, which is help us agree on how we articulate what we do in a way that is accessible to our target audiences.”

~ Djenana Campara, CEO, KDM Analytics

The leaders of KDM Analytics literally wrote the (text)book on cybersecurity risk assessment. The firm was pivoting away from consulting and toward product delivery. Its founders knew they needed to articulate their brand and their offering, in a completely new way, to a completely new audience. They needed target customers to rapidly understand – and want to use – their ground-breaking tools.

The strategic Essential Story process analyzed KDM’s complex marketspace and precisely identified where the company fit. It provided the foundation for a concrete strategy to pivot the firm, with new positioning and a new approach to communication and marketing. For the first time, the company’s founders all agreed on the new strategy and messaging.

We then created and launched a new brand, including logo, tagline, website, and marketing collateral.