Client Story: Mission Control Space Services

Client Story: Mission Control Space Services

Mission Control Space Services empowers explorers to advance their space missions by providing modern software that is viable for use in space. Originally founded as an engineering services company, Mission Control’s scope of work had evolved to providing software platforms for use in a variety of space missions, and the company was accumulating unique accomplishments in the space industry.

In 2021, Mission Control was working toward significant milestones, including mission-proven technical achievements and financial goals. The leadership team recognized that it struggled with clearly communicating and positioning Mission Control and its place in the industry. They engaged with Phrase Strategy and undertook our Essential Story Process (ESP).

Through strategic sessions, interviews, and market research, we worked closely with the leadership team to uncover and crystalize Mission Control’s Essential Story. A key goal of the work was a messaging and positioning strategy that would be flexible to accommodate the wide range of potential applications that Mission Control can address, both in space and on Earth. The company needed a single story that would speak effectively to customers, partners, space agencies, funders, scientists, engineers, students, educators, and the global space industry.

Mission Control’s new Essential Story—captured in the company’s Phrasebook™—captures a vision, mission, values, “elevator” pitch, and tagline that enabled the company to complete and launch a long-stalled new website project. It provides a blueprint for all of the company’s communications and marketing efforts and guided us as we worked with the team to refine its visual brand, develop the new Spacefarer product brand system, and to draft the website content.

Most importantly, Mission Controls’ Essential Story has empowered the leadership team to speak with consistency and confidence. It has improved and elevated conversations the company, its leaders, and staff are able to have with their varied audiences.