Your voice is magic – capture it

Your voice is magic – capture it

If I had received a dollar every time a client asked me to “work my magic” on their content, I’d be driving a new car every year.

When I ran a marketing and communications practice and did a lot of ghostwriting, I used to abhor that word “magic” to describe what I did. It seemed to dismiss the work and the skill and the care that goes into writing well. But now, I understand that it IS magic, because it has POWERFUL results. That’s what motivates me to help leaders and emerging leaders learn to do it for themselves, now. When I practiced the magic on behalf of others, it was MY magic. It doesn’t make sense for a business owner, executive, or thought leader to surrender the power of their own voice to a third party.

Authentic, effective leadership, branding, and communication begins with inhabiting your own voice. This magic can be learned and mastered.

Let’s get real – you’re busy

Realistically, you won’t be able to find the time to write everything for your company or your business. Nor should you try. Fortunately, inhabiting your own voice does not mean doing all your own writing. In fact, some types of writing only experienced professionals should do, such as website content, email campaigns, landing pages, press releases, and advertising. These are functional communications – writing that needs to perform in a certain way to elicit action – best executed by writers who are expert in those forms.

Let’s get really real – leaders lead

When it comes to authoring content in an individual’s voice, however – such as blogs, guest articles, opinion, speeches, presentations, personal emails, leadership messages, proposals, and books – you’ve got to capture that magic for yourself to be able to use it. And use it you will – to get everyone on the same page, to inspire and motivate, to clarify, to connect, to expand your sphere of influence and increase your reach.

As a bonus, once you have captured the magic of your own voice in writing, you’ll be in an ideal position to better guide those who write and communicate on your brand’s behalf. You’ll become a quick hand at giving spot-on, effective feedback to marketers, communications professionals, sales people, and designers. In short, you’ll get RESULTS.

Capturing the magic

Phrase Strategy’s two primary services empower leaders, executives, and business owners to work magic. Here’s how we do it:

Essential Story codifies MY “magic” into a process that reveals the authentic voice of a business or brand and aligns it with its leadership.

Essential Voice codifies MY “magic” into a process that empowers an individual to discover, connect with, and hone their authentic voice while developing an efficient writing process and hard skills for effective communication.

I love this work – please contact me to talk about how I can transfer my magic to you.

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe