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Virtual Write-Ins

Set aside time writing time, be accountable,
and make that time productive.

We offer weekly virtual write-ins of 2.75 hours in duration. You’ll join a live group of others online, each working on their own writing project. Benefits include accountability, structure, and the energy of other writers.

A write-in includes:

  • Goal setting and facilitated warm-up (discussion)
  • Timed segments for writing and resting (silent work)
  • A voluntary feedback session (one writer per session)
  • A take-away, tool, or idea to keep you moving forward

Although the writing work is silent, you’ll experience the inspiration and camaraderie of writing in the presence of others doing the same.

If you choose to read for a feedback session, you’ll experience effectively facilitated feedback that will give insight into whether what you’re writing is received as-intended – and if there’s more in what you’re working on than you realize!

Types of Project

Write-ins are open to any type of writing, such as:

  • Business writing projects
  • Academic assignments
  • Personal writing projects
  • Creative writing: poetry, fiction, non-fiction, etc.

The write-in will help you make space for your project and benefit from the energy and voices of others who are also focused on the art of words.


To participate, you will need the following:

  • A quiet, uninterrupted space (no kids, dogs, significant others, or noisy locations)
  • Very good internet connection
  • A PC, Laptop, or Tablet with video and audio capability
  • A headset or earbuds

You may choose to write on a separate medium from the one you login to the meeting on. For example: login with your tablet and write on your laptop. Or, write on your computer and write by hand.

Get Started

Per-session pre-registration is required.

  1. Check the calendar to see the schedule for weekly write-ins
  2. Send an email to Maria to secure your spot and obtain the session link
  3. If you wish to read and receive feedback from the group, please indicate that in your email
    (one feedback spot is available per session)


The first session you attend is free. Thereafter, each session is CAD $15, or $25 if you are the reader.

If you are looking for comprehensive feedback or writing coaching, check out our other services.


Your best ideas, those eureka moments that turn the world upside down, seldom come when you're juggling emails, rushing to meet the 5 P.M. deadline or straining to make your voice heard in a high-stress meeting. They come when you're walking the dog, soaking in the bath or swinging in a hammock.”

— Carl Honore