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1:1 Writing Coaching

Wherever you’re headed, whatever your goals, a relationship with a trusted coach will get you there faster.

If you…

  • Need a kick-start to get a writing project going or keep it moving forward
  • Seek steady ongoing progress in your writing
  • Desire focused, relevant, high-value guidance to produce your best work
  • Are tired of ups, downs, tangents, and stagnation in your writing process
  • Will likely benefit from accountability to a trusted coach
  • Want the insight and experience of an expert, professional writer

…then a one-on-one writing coaching session is a great investment.

How it Works

We’ll begin by understanding your goals and needs for your writing project. Depending on the stage you’re at, we may then:

  • Provide early guidance for a new project, ensuring you get started right
  • Read what you’ve got and schedule a coaching session
  • Provide tools and resources for self-support

Sessions are $250/hour, or less if you’d like to book a series of sessions.

(If you’re a leader ready to make a significant commitment to finding and honing your leadership voice through a 6-month writing program, check out the Essential Voice program.)

I encourage all of you to seek out teachers and mentors that challenge you to think for yourself and guide you to find your own voice.”

— Renee Olstead