Why “great in person” isn’t enough

Why “great in person” isn’t enough

“I think a hundred thoughts a minute, I will speak perhaps one. Writing, takes a bit more discipline.” – James Williams

I encounter so many business owners, executives, and other leaders who are the absolute BEST faces, mouthpieces, and salespersons for their companies or causes. But, because they don’t or won’t or say they “can’t” spend time putting any of that magic in writing, they aren’t able to scale up.

Writing is the most powerful form of communication that we have. Great speakers can capture attention, galvanize an audience, and close a deal – but after the event, that magic evaporates. Writing gives us the ability to:

  • CAPTURE our ideas, intention, motivation, systems, processes, and ways of thinking
  • CONISTENTLY communicate important messages
  • BROADLY reach a large audience with a single message
  • ENABLE and teach others to take up our causes, to “get on board”

Another equally important benefit of developing one’s voice and becoming a powerful writer is that it demands ACCOUNTABILITY. When we commit our thoughts and words to the page, they become real. Once we share them with others in this form, we can’t run from them, avoid, deny, or rephrase them. We may need to defend them, explain them more deeply, reconsider them, or revise them.

Writing also demands INTROSPECTION: when we see our words on the page and give them the respect of re-reading and consideration, we may discover that our ideas are flawed, that our thinking needs to be adjusted.

“There are too many public speeches and too little private thinking.” – Winston Churchill

If you can do it successfully in writing, you’ll have acquired critical skills that will lead to other incredible wins: more powerful presentations, seminars, and one-to-one conversations – as well as a trickle-down effect in others throughout your organization will become more powerful contributors to your vision.

These are the most important reasons for leaders to write their own content (blogs, presentations, social media posts, etc.), but making it happen, knowing how to do it, and becoming efficient and effective at it is the challenge. That’s why I’m here. Phrase Strategy’s Essential Voice is a PROGRAM through which I work one-on-one with leaders to find, develop, crystallize, and really USE their powerful voices in writing.

You can learn more about Essential Voice in this program description (PDF). Please contact me directly to chat about your questions, needs, and concerns.

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