Essential Voice Empowers CEO to Level-Up Leadership: Heather Elliott

Essential Voice Empowers CEO to Level-Up Leadership: Heather Elliott

After Phrase Strategy’s Essential Story process revealed her company’s future path, Heather Elliott realized the need to claim her voice as its leader.

As a Mindful Change coach with a unique process and extensive experience honed over 20 years, Elliott was exceptional in one-on-one conversations with clients. Now, she needed to expand the reach of her message and strengthen her voice to support the goal to scale into a larger operation.

Over the course of the six-month Essential Voice (EV) Program, Elliott discovered her voice as a leader and learned to clearly articulate the company’s uniqueness and profound value – as well as to hone-in on target audiences and communicate to them in compelling, meaningful ways.

Elliott chose to focus her Essential Voice Program on planning and writing content for a practitioner-training program. Through the EV coaching process, she discovered confidence and clarity, learning to articulate her unique process in a simple yet compelling manner transferable to others.

The Essential Voice Program also spurred profound insights, including the discovery of a new audience that will enable Elliott to scale her company, and the realization that one of the company’s programs was of broader appeal than originally realized.

“The Essential Voice Program was instrumental in helping me transition as a leader out of an old business model and into a new one. Thanks to Essential Voice, I fully embraced my company’s purpose and future path, making me a powerful spokesperson and leader. I gained confidence in communicating the purpose and power of Mindful Change, increased my efficiency in writing, and learned to communicate with clarity and impact. The skills and tools I learned through Essential Voice are applicable to all forms of communication I need to do.”

– Heather Elliott, President & CEO, Mindful Change Centre