Essential Story More than Triples Qualified Leads, Attracts Better Staff: AIM Women’s Wellness Centre

Essential Story More than Triples Qualified Leads, Attracts  Better Staff: AIM Women’s Wellness Centre

AIM is a holistic medicine practice, and its owner, Denise Noyer-Erez, is known as The Fertility Godmother. For years, Denise struggled with the direction her practice should take. That struggle was evident in the clinic’s inconsistent branding and website, as well as investments in SEO, digital advertising, and website updates that generated sporadic or no returns. Staff often struggled to “get on board” and Denise had difficulty hiring people who were great fits.

At the heart of the issue was Denise’s lack of clarity about how to focus on her passion – natural fertility – while keeping the clinic of general practitioners busy. Intimately connected to her business as all owners are, Denise’s uncertainty seeped through the company’s brand and communication.

We conducted our Essential Story service, revealing a clear path for the clinic. Captured in a Corporate Phrasebook™, AIM’s Essential Story concisely articulates the clinic’s target clientele, purpose, services, and where fertility fits within the mix. It aligns Denise’s role and purpose with the clinic she directs.

We also provided the required branding update, new website experience, design, and content.

Quantifying the Results

After relaunching the brand and website based on the new Essential Story, both leads and clients increased almost immediately. Denise reports, “We have gone from zero consultations to three to five per week. 80% or more of the consultations are people really ready to work with me.”

Existing staff are excited and stepping into greater responsibility, while the brand is attracting new therapists who are exceptional fits for the clinic.

This is the power of Essential Story: by aligning business leaders, the business, and the target market – and finding the perfect words to express that – great things begin to flow.

“I needed to communicate better about the clinic, I needed staff to get on board, and I needed clarity about my own role. After years of trying many things without success, it seemed like a lot to ask, but the Essential Story service delivered all that and more. The confidence and authenticity expressed in our new brand and website is powerful. Since launching the new brand and website built on the Essential Story, we have seen an increase in qualified new consults/clients, we are attracting exceptional staff who really fit, and I’ve gained the confidence I needed to lead the clinic and my career to the next level. I can’t speak highly enough of Phrase Strategy and this service – the results speak volumes.”

– Denise Noyer-Erez, Clinical Director, AIM Women’s Wellness Centre