Essential Story Enables Continuous Long-Term Growth: The Attain Group

Essential Story Enables Continuous Long-Term Growth: The Attain Group

Plateaus are signs of progress: you can’t plateau if you haven’t been moving forward; you can’t keep moving forward without stopping to take stock now and then.

We initially worked with The Attain Group as a young start-up in the telecommunications consulting space. After its second year in business, Attain was growing yet struggling to present its vast array of services, capabilities, and expertise succinctly. The leadership team found it challenging to convey a value proposition and to differentiate.

Our Essential Story service clarified the company’s path forward. It encompassed a new brand identity, messaging, and a method of “packaging” its many capabilities into clearly options that clients would understand and find appealing.

Seven years later, Attain returned for more support. Feeling they had reached a plateau or fork in the road, their burning questions were: “how are we doing?” and, “what do we need to do next?” Once again, our Essential Story process was put to work. It validated that the company had in fact achieved its initial goals and highlighted areas where the company was missing opportunities.

Essential Story crystallized Attain’s path forward in an industry and competitive landscape that had changed dramatically in seven years.

We continue to work with The Attain Group to ensure the firm is clear and can effectively communicate about its leadership.

“Maria and her team created our initial marketing strategy in 2006 and we have continually used her branding and marketing services since then. We followed her strategic recommendations and have seen the results, including substantial growth in our company and the successful positioning of The Attain Group as the leader in its chosen niche. Maria continues to provide us with invaluable insight and direction regarding where to take our business next.”

– Derrick Hanson, CEO, The Attain Group