Essential Story Creates Clarity, Confidence to Position for Growth: iSPARK Consulting

Essential Story Creates Clarity, Confidence to Position for Growth: iSPARK Consulting

As they work within the day-to-day of their businesses, leaders often lose connection between the current state and their ultimate goals. That was the case with Krista Benoit of iSPARK Consulting. Having spent nearly 20 years growing her company as a leading event producer within the sport industry, Krista was struggling with the next step. She could articulate her goals 10 years into the future, but the path to get there was murky, and previous attempts to expand and diversify did not pan out.

The struggle was evident in the company’s latest website update, which continued to stall. Krista was trying to get the “right” work from her talented web and design team. Unable to articulate her intentions, and herself struggling to describe iSPARK’s various offerings, she hoped creative talent would find the answer – but, strategic direction must come from the top.

We performed the Essential Story service for iSPARK and identified the precise direction that the company should move to achieve Krista’s goals for both the business and for herself as the leading expert in her space. We provided additional coaching and guidance on bringing the Essential Story forward on iSPARK’s website, imagery, portfolio, social media and blogs.

The Essential Story process revealed iSPARK’s true differentiation – an a-ha moment for Krista – and clarified precise target markets and how to offer new services. It also clearly defined Krista’s role and voice as iSPARK’s leader. 

In fact, she says it resolved an “identity crisis” for iSPARK and for her, as she explains in this article.

“Before I engaged with Phrase Strategy, I was clear about my goals for iSPARK, but I was struggling to figure out how to get there. The Essential Story process provided insight and clarity on the path to take by perfectly articulating iSPARK’s opportunity, essence, and value. It provided specific language to communicate our differentiation and offerings, which has given me invaluable confidence, clarity, and focus as the leader of this business. It has been an eye-opening experience.”

– Krista Benoit, President & CEO, iSPARK Consulting Inc.