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Short Programs

In addition to the Essential Voice Program, we also offer these short writing programs for leaders and managers:

Present with Impact

Every great speech starts with a strong script. We’ll coach you to develop the skills to engage and compel audiences in your presentations and speeches. Over five sessions, you’ll learn and use best practices for:

  • planning your approach
  • developing the story line
  • scripting the presentation
  • creating effective visual support
  • using your voice and body to deliver a message that really lands

Write Inspired Proposals

Proposals should feel EXCITING to create – yes, we honestly believe that! We’ll coach you to develop the skills to write proposals that set your offer apart and create new opportunities. Over four sessions, you’ll learn to:

  • plan your approach
  • map your offer to the audience
  • use storytelling to sell

Build a Social Media Brand

The only person who can build an engaging, authentic social media brand for you IS you. We’ll coach you to understand social media and use it to build, engage, and compel audiences. Over three sessions, you’ll learn how to:

  • define a personal brand
  • identify your “fit” within the social media environment
  • create an action plan

We’ll also provide two months of ongoing coaching while YOU build your brand in social media.

It usually takes me a good three weeks to prepare an impromptu speech.”

— Mark Twain