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Essential Voice

For Leaders

Confidently express your leadership voice.

We help leaders uncover and strengthen their unique voices through more powerful writing, presentations, and storytelling.

Process Makes Perfect

This is the process we use to help leaders develop their writing and presentation skills:


the voice that makes you unique, interesting, and influential through our
unique voice discovery assignments.


to write or present powerfully, clearly, and with intended impact through a
combination of assignments and coaching sessions.

Level Up

with new tools and skills to write more powerfully, more efficiently, and
more authentically.


your message, your influence, and your effectiveness through practice and
coaching support.

Results that Lead

You’ll develop clarity and confidence and your audiences will connect with your message better than ever.
You’ll be a more efficient writer, too — starting writing projects more easily and finishing them faster.

Learn how leaders have benefited from the Essential Voice Program by reading
their stories in our Portfolio.

How to Get Started

Choose how to engage with us:


This six-month leadership development program leverages writing as a vehicle to connect
leaders to their voices. Improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of your writing.


A brief session with an expert writing coach may be just what you need to get a writing project
un-stuck, or receive on-point feedback to make it sing.


Spend a half- or full-day up-leveling your writing, presentation, or storytelling skills.


Nail that presentation, create and maintain a leadership blog, or finally write that book
you’ve been thinking about for years. We’ll coach you through your project, providing
guidance, tools, training, and accountability.

You have a voice, as surely as you have a face, and it is already full of character.”

— Pat Schneider