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Essential Voice

Essential Voice

Phrase Strategy works with business leaders to uncover and express their leadership voice. Essential Voice is for leaders who want to dig deep, communicate their truth, and connect with others through writing and presenting.

Discover your voice

More than ever, leaders need to communicate with heart. Yet, they often believe they don’t have the talent to write well, or that others can do it better. Communication is often outsourced and “ghost-written” – signs that many leaders are disconnected from their own voices.

Improve your process

You may recognize some of these experiences:

  • You know what you want to say but can’t find the words to say it
  • Your writing feels dry, clinical, or technical – not at all like the real you
  • You have no trouble writing, but other people don’t receive it in the way that you intend
  • Your notes and partial drafts never seem to go anywhere
  • You’re never satisfied with what ghostwriters and marketers produce
  • It just takes too darn long to write well

Phrase Strategy connects leaders to their voices and supports them to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of their writing.

Especially for leaders

We work exclusively with thought leaders, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. By the end of your Essential Voice program, you will be able to:

  • Identify, understand, and use your authentic voice in writing
  • Better connect with and engage audiences
  • Become a more efficient and effective writer
  • Complete writing projects that are important to you
  • Understand and tackle mechanical writing challenges

Likely, you’ll experience greater confidence in other areas, too – such as:

  • Better expression of values, perceptions, and expectations
  • Greater confidence as a writer and/or speaker
  • Improvements in anticipating and managing how others receive your words

You’ll have access to our continued support through monthly emails, pay-as-you-go group group sessions, and one-on-one coaching.

Essential Voice is offered in two formats:

Essential Voice Program

Discover and clearly define your authentic leadership voice and become a more powerful written and verbal communicator while working toward concrete writing goals. You will complete various writing projects or one large project over the course of our work together, based on your needs and priorities.

Completed over six or more months, the Essential Voice Program includes:

  • Intake session
  • Essential Voice Discovery process
  • Writing assessment
  • Goal setting
  • Monthly coaching calls, assignments, and writing reviews

In addition, you will have optional access to:

  • Exclusive group pop-up workshops
  • Weekly writing prompts and inspiring emails
  • Preferred access to new services as we roll them out

Essential Voice Discovery

Discover and define your voice as a leader, laying the foundation to become a more powerful written and verbal communicator. Essential Voice Discovery combines brief writing assignments with our intuitive process to help leaders connect with and articulate their unique voices.

Completed over about 4 sessions, this package includes:

  • Intake session
  • Writing assignments and follow-up calls
  • Voice definition
  • Writing assessment with concrete guidance on how to develop your voice and increase the effectiveness of your communication

You will also have optional access to:

  • Weekly writing prompts and inspiring emails

Essential Voice Discovery clients may continue to work with us after the discovery is complete. In that case, they will receive the Essential Voice Program at a reduced rate.

Up-level your leadership game

Moving ideas into words transforms thought into action and improves both creative and critical thinking. Powerful writing builds leadership brands and reaches more people, more meaningfully.

Phrase Strategy is expert in:

  • Multiple written genres, including business, marketing, technical, and creative forms
  • Coaching speeches and presentations
  • Mentoring, teaching, coaching, developing training plans and learning tools
  • Entrepreneurial thinking
  • Working with executives and organizations to tell their stories
  • Helping others get writing, keep writing, and finish the project!
You have a voice, as surely as you have a face, and it is already full of character.”

— Pat Schneider