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Maria Ford, Chief Phraseologist

With expertise in brand strategy, brand refinement, re-branding, and brand roll-out, Maria personally delivers the strategic vision of every client project and oversees the execution.

For 16 years, she owned and operated Kaszas Marketing Inc., leading a team that helped businesses build and maintain effective B2B marketing and communications disciplines. She worked closely with leaders and organizations on brand and marketing strategies, developing and refining the signature Essential Story Process.

She founded Phrase Strategy in late 2017 to focus on the strategic work of brand strategy and high-quality brand roll-outs.

Maria’s formal education includes Honours’ Master and Bachelor of Arts degrees, both in English Language and Literature. Phrase Strategy is her third business. She is also an award-winning poet; dancer, coach and teacher; community leader; book editor; former Professor of English; and a presentation coach.

I love witnessing the power that a solid brand and messaging strategy has on an organization – how it empowers everyone to move forward together.”

— Maria Ford