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About Phrase Strategy

Phrase Strategy works with established organizations and businesses experiencing change and transition.

We provide clarity and direction through careful articulation of the Essential Story, which becomes the foundation for all communication, branding, and marketing decisions.

Who We Work With

We’re a great choice for enterprises, businesses, and associations experiencing strategic change; a desire to up-level, transform, pivot, grow, or take advantage of new opportunities; discrepancy between the existing brand and the organization’s current reality; and/or a need for focus in direction.

What We’re Like

Working with us, you can expect:

Respectful, open, and direct communication.
We strive to work with clients whom we know we can make successful, and that starts with honest communication.

Evidence-based decision-making.
We will always gather and present evidence to support our recommendations and provide options that spur new possibilities and deeper conversations about the organization’s direction.

We will cheer-lead you through the process of discovery and desired change.

We get things right from the start because we’ve honed our methodology to consistently achieve strong results.

Our Core Beliefs

The work we do and how we do it is based on these three core beliefs:

The right brand strategy supports progress, transformation, and growth.
Aligned strategic messaging and visual identity enable an organization to experience and imagine its future in concrete ways.

Strategy is deep and wide, involving every corner of the organization.
Successful roll-out of messages, positioning, and brand strategy requires executive stewardship, aligned leadership, and organizational on-boarding.

Articulating a brand’s voice is a prerequisite for successful (re)branding.
It brings stakeholders together around a shared vision. This is what we call the Essential Story, and it’s where we begin.

Meet Maria

Maria Ford founded Phrase Strategy in 2017 to focus on delivering brand strategies and brand roll-outs by discovering and aligning with their Essential Story. Executives and leaders also benefit from Maria’s coaching on communications strategy, brand stewardship, and pitch development.

Learn more about Maria.


Receive Maria’s monthly guide on proactive branding and brand management.

Phrase Strategy proposed an ambitious plan for the WCC's (formerly TWC) rebrand and website and delivered beyond our expectations. Maria Ford was a guiding light throughout the process, refining and amplifying our story with clarity and purpose, ensuring we reach a diverse audience. The process helped us discover what was essential to create strong, effective messaging to clearly express our vision. Our new website and rebrand illuminates our vision, clarifies our core mission, and has created a renewed sense of purpose as we expand throughout Canada and head into the future.”

— Susan Turk Mozer, Founder, Writers Collective of Canada